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M. Shawn | Biography

M. Shawn is an American indie poet. Her collection of narrative poems, Memoirs o7 an Insomniac Cigarette, is a testament to her unique – though familiar – conversation-esque writing style as well her ability to retain a flowing balance of rhythm and rhyme.

Born in Calvert County, Maryland (July 29, 1986), M. Shawn quickly developed a love of words; for which she gives credit to her late father, "He taught me to appreciate their worth.", and began writing at an early age. Excerpts of her work, Wooden Spoon (written 2012) and Pause (written 2015); among many others, allude to her autobiographical point of view as told through metaphors. She also published three full-length poems, Rare Thing (written 2017), Homesick (written 2017), and Lines (written 2011) to her social media, "for a change" and as a thank you to her dedicated following ahead of announcing her book, highlighting her poetry free verse structure.

Rare thing, Homesick, and Lines are not included in the collection, which officially released February 14, 2019.

Personal Life

M. Shawn | Personal Life
Garfield (left) and Odie fascinated
by the sight of their first snow

Born Amanda Shawn Owens, M. Shawn comes from a large family, including a fraternal twin sister and two younger sisters. Currently, she resides in Southside Virginia with her partner of sixteen years and their two cats, Garfield and Odie.


– Poems

M. Shawn | Works
Memoirs o7 an Insomniac Cigarette
Front Cover

– Collections

– Themes

M. Shawn’s poetry draws on details of her life; whether it be recalling wanting the seat of her bike raised as a child (My Bike), or receiving letters written to her by a close friend (I.O.U.), or standing outside smoking a cigarette while anticipating a phone call (Pause) to paint a bigger picture for a broader meaning. Her writing relies on her real life acting as a catalyst for such themes as betrayal, escape, death, freedom, and isolation as well as love, lust, security, and power – to name a few – and oftentimes you will find more than one theme in a single poem as can be seen in Carpet, Reverie, and Free Man.

More Personally

A night owl, M. Shawn is rarely sleeping before 4am, and jokingly insists she is powered by breakfast burritos and cigarettes. Aside from writing, she enjoys learning – about any and all things – but has a focused interest on human behavior. As a teenager, M. Shawn often ran away from home; which she briefly describes in her poem, Color of Your Hair, and further tells the story about finding herself in a frightening situation as a result in a yet-to-be-released poem entitled, "Skin".