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The “Characters”…

February 17, 2019

are pretty much anyone (and just about everyone) I have ever met. Some often reoccur in many of the stories I’ve told through my poetry.  

Trust me, “he”, “her”, “she”, “him” are all very real people – so who are they?

Well, good question!

To answer you, I should first explain why certain people made the cut into a poem, and some didn’t…

…and it gets weird.



Strange as it may sound,

the truth is it’s very likely I had no idea what I was writing about…

…until  I was done writing about it.

Huh? Exactly.

‘Cause, I’m staring off at static
Encircling my strife
Yeah, and as it happens
Memory imitates life
” – Static

Here’s the thing – I rarely write about anything as it’s happening.


Think: TV static,

or (for anyone not aware of the 90’s) a super blurry picture you forgot you had on your phone.

Either way, you know there’s an image of something captured in the vague snapshot, but you just can’t make it out.

Now, if you’re anything like me, you squint your eyeballs at it; maybe zoom in and out, wondering, “what the eff is this?”

– or, unlike me, you delete it forever, because… reasons.


Well, that static,

or whatever you want to call it, is usually sparked by some situation in my current life – a sort of déjà vu, I guess you could say.

It can be provoked by… really, all kinds of everyday minutiae, like, the scent of perfume wafting, a song, the way someone laughs at something funny, or a knock at my door.

Curious, where does your inspiration come from? –



that’s precisely what this “static” is for me… inspiration. See, eventually, the “noise” becomes a bit more focused, and I realize the pictures are specific memories of similar situations my former self found relatable to the current… without me really knowing – well, until I do.

Still with me?

Confusing, I know..

One thing I haven’t quite figured out is why my mind connects “now” to “then”, but! I have a theory…


Considering the memories

my mind seems to find valuable to me within this process, I kind of think there’s maybe something unresolved there, you know, something I haven’t given myself much time to evaluate.

So, it’s sort of like I’m being handed another perspective in a different (but comparable) opportunity…

…or something like that?

However it all works, by the time I do finally – and fully – comprehend the memory, I’ve already finished writing it down when I discover the who, what, when, where, and why.


And to be completely honest with you,

there are plenty of times (through this method)  I would have preferred not to write about something as specifically as I did.  

* It’s just a matter of choosing to retain the raw mood, method, and memory as it unfolds, so I never edit anything. *

Process aside, the “characters” in every poem I’ve ever written are definitely real people that have – for one reason or another – made a lasting impression in my mind. In fact, it’s safe to assume if we’ve met, interacted, or generally shared a moment in life, there’s a strong possibility I’ve written about you at some point.

That said, what does it take to earn your poetic interpretation of any and all people in your life?